Volunteer of the Month



One incredible volunteer whom LUCY has been so blessed to have over the past two years has been Amanda Carson. Amanda is one of those volunteers who will do everything she possibly can for our youth. Funny, patient, and humble, she has shown LUCY so much dedication. Whether it has been spending her Friday night chaperoning a youth trip, driving hours in terrible traffic to get to our Thanksgiving celebration, or getting speakers to come share their story at LUCY. Amanda has also gotten her whole family involved with LUCY, who have also shown us so much love and support. The youth even spent a day at the Carson’s shore house, surfing, snacking and walking the boardwalk!


 Amanda is only a sophomore at St. Joe’s University, but her wisdom and maturity go well beyond her years. Amanda is majoring in education and wants to one day teach middle school. We are so happy to have gotten to see Amanda grow over the past couple years, and we know she will be every bit as wonderful in the years to come.

Exciting new update, as of this past week: Amanda was just recently hired on as an intern at LUCY, and will be bringing her gifts to our after school and educational programming two days a week. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Amanda! WE LOVE YOU!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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