Youth of the Month – February 2014



One unassuming, kind-hearted youth who shows up for every program, every retreat, and every trip is Angel. Angel’s easy-going nature and positive attitude make him a great role model and a good friend. He is also LUCY’s #1 comedian, always cracking jokes and sneaking in hilarious one-liners that never fail to lighten the mood and make everybody laugh.


Beach day


Riversharks game

One of Angel’s shining moments came on our Poetry Slam night in November. When it was Angel’s turn to read, he stood up in the front of the group with a serious look on his face, and read one of the best poems of the night. The poem was about going against the grain of what everyone else is doing or what is “cool,” and stepping up to be a leader in the community, something Angel does amazingly at LUCY.


Kung Fu night

Angel and his partners and crime, his cousins Raymond and Soljeidy, first found out about LUCY last summer, and they have been coming ever since. Angel attends school at Pennsauken High, where he is a great student. Aside from doing well academically and being a great presence to have at LUCY, Angel is also an incredible brother. His twin brother was born with autism, and Angel is unendingly patient and loving toward him.

We are so blessed to have had Angel be a part of LUCY’s family over the past fall and winter, and we can’t wait to see the great things he will bring in the years to come! When asked if he had any dreams or wisdom he wanted to share, he said:

“Stress and anger are temporary. Dreams and happiness are forever.”

WE LOVE YOU, ANGEL! Keep being your awesome self!


College visit

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