Youth of the Month – March 2014

Meet Kayla!


One standout leader who has been a part of LUCY for the past two years is Kayla. Throughout middle school, Kayla has grown into a mature LUCY leader, who is inclusive, open to trying new things and constantly willing and interested in participating in youth nights, trips and challenging conversations. Fourteen years old and an eighth grader at St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral School, Kayla participates in LUCY in a number of ways, including the after school program, evening programming and trips on the weekends.


Kayla is intelligent, strong-willed, outspoken, and a fiercely loyal friend. She has become a standout youth because she has displayed an ability to stay true to her own convictions and always lead, never follow. She has been an ally and supporter of our LGBT group, is an active and honest participant in all of our programming, and has shown a level of maturity that makes her a role model for other LUCY youth.

Kayla has overcome many obstacles in her life, but still remains resilient. Raised by her grandparents, Kayla has a special bond with her grandfather and grandmother and is so grateful to them for their constant presence, support and encouragement.

We are so blessed to have Kayla be a part of our LUCY community. She is growing into an amazing woman, and we are confident that she will go on to do amazing things next year when she begins high school. Thanks for being you, Kayla! WE LOVE YOU!





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  1. Yass love u Kay she’s a beautiful leader

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