Volunteer of the Month – April

Meet Alex!


LUCY is fortunate to have so many incredible and dedicated volunteers, and one of those volunteers is Alex. Alex is a senior at St. Joseph’s University. He discovered LUCY and made it his weekly service site this past fall.

Alex is a true gentleman and a great role model. He is open-minded, courteous, humble, and always willing to lend a helping hand. He has come to additional trainings at LUCY, donated extra hours to our wreath store fundraiser, and shared LUCY with his family. Alex has a good heart and strong sense of service and compassion. He is laid back and approachable, putting the youth, staff, and the other volunteers at ease around him and always making youth nights light and fun.

One thing that makes Alex so special is his ability to connect with each individual he meets, whether it is going out of his way to say “hi” to youth he hasn’t seen in a while, sitting down one-on-one to tutor youth for hours, or spending time bonding and having random conversations while flipping hot dogs.

Alex has shown great leadership and dedication to LUCY. We have been blessed to have him as part of the LUCY family this past year, and we will miss him dearly next year. Thank you, Alex! Best of luck and an early congratulations on all your hard work at St. Joe’s these past four years!


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