Youth of the Month – June



One of LUCY’s most outgoing, fun, lovable youth is Julio Alfonzo. Julio is 16 years old. He lives in East Camden and attends high school at Woodrow Wilson, where he just completed his sophomore year.

Julio first became involved with LUCY this past spring through his participation in our Engineering Club. Julio came to the club every week eager to learn and expose himself to the field he dreams of going into.


It was also during Engineering Club where Julio’s big personality came alive. For one of the first sessions, the task assigned was to build a bridge with spaghetti, gummy bears, and marshmallows. Julio started to get frustrated because his group’s bridge kept falling apart. Julio’s idea was to melt the marshmallows to make them sticky so they could better hold the bridge together. He kept saying “LET’S PUT IT IN THE MICROWAVE!!!” No one listened, so he smashed the marshmallows with his hands, forming them into a sticky mess. Everyone in the room was laughing, and this was just the first of many times Julio’s creativity and sense of humor came out. From there he would come up with great ideas and suggestions for the club, often speaking to the instructor about potential future projects.IMG_2266

Julio is excited to start applying to college, and has begun to educate himself on the application and financial aid processes. He is determined to receive a quality education and go to a good college where he can study engineering. He is currently applying for the School Choice Option, which would give him the opportunity to continue his high school education in a surrounding county school.

Julio is motivated, grateful, full of positive energy, and a blessing to LUCY. We love you, Julio! Thanks for always brightening our day!


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