2014 Ignatius Award Recipient Kristin Prinn ’04

Ignatius Award*

Spirit. Intellect. Purpose. All three are personified in SJU’s recipients of The Ignatius Award, established in the Ignatian year 1991. This award recognizes a graduate within the last 20 years who has devoted efforts in the service and promotion of Saint Joseph’s University and/or has lived a life of “service to others” consistent with the principles of Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.

Those we honor lead successful lives and act on their desire to accomplish the greater good. We are proud that they’ve continued to represent the ideals of Saint Joseph’s University as they’ve progressed in life. And, we are twice blessed by those who have made their mark on the University following their graduation to become lifelong members of our shared community.

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PHILADELPHIA (September 10, 2014) – Kristin Prinn ’04, MSW, LCSW, founder and executive director of the Camden, N.J.-based social services provider LUCY Outreach, will receive the Ignatius Award from the Saint Joseph’s University Alumni Association in recognition of her devoted efforts to serve others.

The Ignatius Award is bestowed upon a graduate from within the past 20 years who lives a life of “service to others” consistent with the principles of Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.

“I am honored to be chosen for the Ignatius award,” Prinn said. “I’m humbled to be among such selfless and inspiring honorees from past years, many of whom have been mentors and role models throughout my 10-year journey. I’m most excited however for LUCY Outreach and its incredible youth and staff, as they are most deserving of this honor. I’m motivated and inspired by the resilience and optimism of Camden’s teens, daily, and hope this recognition will expose Hawk alumni and many others to an incredible city, our outreach, and youth.”

LUCY is an acronym for “Lifting Up Camden’s Youth,” a seemingly daunting task Prinn was only too happy to undertake in America’s poorest and most dangerous city when she founded the organization in 2012. Many of Camden’s youth face daily challenges like teen delinquency, gang and drug recruitment and involvement, substance abuse in the home, teen pregnancy and a struggling public school system. LUCY fills the void created by these issues by enhancing their quality of life through educational, social, spiritual and service-oriented programming.

“I am committed to providing love, support and resources to this population, in hopes of their someday having the opportunity to choose an alternative to life on the streets, as every child deserves,” she said.

To-date, 144 of the program’s participants have graduated from high school. All of them are enrolled in some form of higher education or active-duty military service.

The Jesuit ideal of “living as men and women with and for others” resonates deeply with Prinn. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in sociology, Prinn served a one-year mission with Associate Missionaries of the Assumption along the United States-Mexico border in the Mexican colonia Chaparral in New Mexico. She stayed two more years to study and work and volunteer in the border region. As a missionary, she worked with gang involved youth in the community, schools and juvenile prison. In those years, she earned her master’s degree in social work from New Mexico State University and became fluent in Spanish.

When she moved back to Philadelphia, she looked across the Delaware and thought Camden would be a great fit for the next chapter of her life. She worked in youth ministry at St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral, while completing 4,000 clinical hours as an in-home therapist, working with Camden’s highest risk youth.

“Kristin is extremely worthy of this award,” said National Alumni Board President Dave Dorsey ’54. “She has repeatedly immersed herself in circumstances where she could be of maximum service and do the most good – a wonderful illustration of the values we espouse on Hawk Hill.”

Prinn’s mindset is borne of the lessons her mother taught her as a youth – sacrifice and compassion and the importance of giving back and looking out for others. With these values already embedded, Prinn hit the ground running once she arrived on Hawk Hill, working with the Faith-Justice Institute and taking service learning classes each semester. She also participated in numerous leadership opportunities, retreats and service immersion trips. She led Project Mexico her senior year. She received tremendous recognition for her dedication, earning the SJU Achievement Award and Curran Service Award.

Prinn joins a prestigious list of Ignatius Award recipients, the last five of whom include Mike Daniels ’00, Elizabeth Anne (Ford) McNamee ’99, M.S. ’00, Sean Patrick Sanford ’97, Daniel P. Gallagher ’94, M.S. ’99 and David Voell ’93 and Anthony (T.J.) Voell ’93.

Prinn and Hogan Award winner Linda Lelii, Ph.D., will be honored at a joint on-campus reception on October 16 at 6 p.m. at the Doyle Banquet Hall.

(Originally posted on SJU Alumni Association’s website)

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