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The LUCY Dinner Dance mailing has recently gone out.  Look for yours soon! If you just can’t wait or think you might not be on our mailing list, but still wish to attend, use the links below to access the newsletter and the ticket/donation form.

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For the first time, buy tickets and donate online! Please note: there is a processing fee associated with online purchases and donations. Because of this, donations over $500 are not accepted online, but can be mailed in!

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Last year’s Dinner Dance scholars update

From left to right: Oscar Bustamente, John Rosario, and Cynthia Aguilar

From left to right: Oscar Bustamente, John Rosario, and Cynthia Aguilar

Dana Hoang

Freshman at Camden Catholic
A graduate of Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral, Dana received a scholarship to Camden Catholic for the fall. The first two semesters of her freshmen year have been great! Dana worked hard and has earned a spot on the honor roll. Thus far Dana has played volleyball and although not yet a part of student government, she stays after school with them daily to help with anything that they need. “I’m very thankful for LUCY! They supported me and got me through middle school, providing so much support, and have continued to play an important role throughout my freshman year, when I most needed it, making sure I’m on track and doing well.”

Cynthia Aguilar

Freshman at Scranton University
“I’m currently in my second semester at the University of Scranton and I cannot believe that I will soon be completing my freshman year at college! I have made so many friends and memories so far and can’t imagine being anywhere else but here. At first college was a difficult transition for me but now that I know what’s expected of me and how to manage things, I’m in a better place. My major remains undecided but I’m exploring what the best fit for me is. I’m involved with many campus clubs including College Against Cancer, Health Professions Organization, and exercise science. I also volunteer at an afterschool program for elementary students in a neighborhood similar to Camden. LUCY has taught me so much throughout the years, the important lesson being to always give a helping hand to others when able. Thanks to all of LUCY’s wonderful donors! You have all given me more than you know. The support and motivation that the other youth, graduates, and I get is special. Thanks!”

John Rosario

Freshman at St. Joseph’s University
“I can’t really believe that my first semester is already over! It feels like yesterday that I was receiving this award at last April’s event. I hit Hawk Hill running and became extremely involved right away. I’m proud to participate in weekly service in the Greater Philadelphia area, LSA, BUS & GSA. I was recently chosen to be a part of a summer Habitat for Humanity service trip too. Although I started school as an IHS major, I’ve recently changed to Marketing and I love it! I think about the love and lessons LUCY has taught me every day and for that I’m forever grateful.”

Oscar Bustamente

Freshman at Burlington County College
“I was very fortunate to receive the Salazar scholarship for my first year at Rowan. This scholarship helped me to continue on with my studies when it looked like I was going to be able to due to my documentation status. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities through LUCY my whole life but this past fall was one of the coolest things. I was asked to work a major fashion show in Philadelphia. I was able to help dress the models and send them out onto the runway. It was awesome! I also love my art classes at college; that’s where I’m the happiest. I continue to work two jobs at the mall and the movie theater. The exciting news is that after having to pay to renew my DACA status, I was notified that I’m eligible for my residency in the US. This is one of the biggest moments in my life. Now I can get financial aid and attend a 4-year college within the next year or two. Thanks for helping me on this crazy journey. I’m very grateful for each of you!”

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