An important announcement from LUCY

Dear LUCY friends, volunteers, and supporters:

Difficult challenges often lead to wonderful opportunities.

That is certainly the situation in which LUCY has found itself and experienced over the past two years. Moving from an initiative of Msgr. McDermott at St. Joseph Pro Cathedral to incorporating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in April 2016, we worked behind the scenes with staff, volunteers and supporters to ensure as seamless of a transition as possible. We feel blessed with your continued support of LUCY.

Currently, due to the expiration of our lease, we are in the process of relocating from our historical home in the Romero Center basement at St. Joseph. We have been working diligently with Kristin and staff looking for safe, reliable and accessible accommodations. We want to update you on the move status and areas where we need your further support.

Effective October 1, LUCY programming will be moving to a temporary Virtua Health facility at 1000 Atlantic Avenue in Camden. We are extremely thankful to the Virtua team for making this space available and know it will enable us to continue programming without a pause in services.

This transition space will allow us to provide LUCY programming while we continue to seek and review several lease and purchase options for our permanent home. In late September, we will begin relocating certain items to temporary storage. The staff and the LUCY Board will be working diligently to minimize the disruptions and inconvenience for all involved. We are hopeful this interim move and next steps will ultimately enable growth opportunities for the program. The Board and staff are fully committed to keeping LUCY programming and support to our youth at the highest levels possible before, during, and after the move.

What can you do to help LUCY move and to make our long-term plan a reality?

  • First, please continue to be the great volunteers, mentors and donors that you are! One of the great things about LUCY is the second home that it creates for our youth and the physical confines of a building are only one piece of that.
  • Second, please consider whether you can assist financially. There are excellent real estate options actively being pursued, but each will require an investment from our community. Also, should a purchase become the best option, we will need renovation assistance. Once a final plan is determined, we will distribute details regarding specific programs or building rooms that may be available for sponsorship.
  • Finally, please consider the availability of your time to assist with the actual move from mid-September to early October. Kristin, Dan, Bill, Tanesha and Board members will be reaching out to coordinate very soon. Please review your upcoming weekday and weekend availability. Donations of moving supplies, van or truck use, and boxes are helpful but please coordinate with us first.

LUCY is an amazing part of our lives, in many different ways. LUCY’s success is due to the relentless dedication of some in large ways and the powerful collective dedication of many on a smaller scale. As I said at the Dinner Dance in April, at LUCY we are trying to break negative cycles within the city and replace them with hope and growth for Camden flowing out of the strength of our program’s youth, graduates, and their families.

Thank you for all you have done to support us and make us who we are today, and in advance for your support over the coming months.


Joseph Kadlec
Chair, Board of Trustees
LUCY Outreach, a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation

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