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LUCY (“Lifting Up Camden’s Youth”) Outreach offers multi-lingual, culturally sensitive services to low-income Camden County teens and young adults ages 12-25, and their families. LUCY accepts and welcomes all youth to take part in educational, social, spiritual, and service-oriented programming and also provides support and resources within the homes and schools. LUCY empowers youth to form healthy relationships, make good choices, and develop into compassionate and socially responsible adults who make a positive difference in their community. LUCY Outreach addresses all environmental systems that impact the youth including their home life, peers, and neighborhood environment. Appropriate programs, resources and support for effective change are provided to improve the quality of life of the youth and their families.


LUCY Outreach was established to address the particular challenges and setbacks–teen delinquency, gang and drug recruitment and involvement, substance abuse in the home, teen pregnancy, a struggling public school system–faced by urban youth growing up in America’s poorest and most dangerous city.  In recognizing the critical role that each system–homes, families, schools, neighborhoods and friends–plays in a youth’s world, LUCY seeks to enhance their quality of life by filling the void of positive programming, by encouraging participants to work within their community, and by providing community services, resources, and support.

Examples of our programs types and resources include:

Educational — College prep, graduate mentor program, tutoring, life skills, leadership and job training
Social — Developing a healthy mind, body and spirit through sports, fitness, clubs and an eight-week summer camp program which provides a safe, productive and fun alternative for urban youth. Local trips to the shore, sporting events and amusement parks also provide urban youth with experiences otherwise not available to them
Spiritual/Cultural — Inclusivity and social justice workshops, retreats, support groups, cultural festivals and outings and museums
Service-oriented — Civic responsibility classes, local service days, annual immersion trip to the Mexican Border, community panels and more

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