Stats and Facts


  • 100% high school graduation rate since 2008
  • 195 out of 204 college enrolled since 2008 (remaining: 9 active military) in a city with a 60% high school graduation rate and 5% on to college
  • Currently, our mentor program serves over 140 LUCY graduates, ages 18-25, helping with job training and placement, college support, life skills and counseling at monthly events
  • Each year, LUCY implements new and continues current weekly afternoon clubs, including boot camp fitness & yoga, Venture Crew (in collaboration with the Boy Scouts), First Tee golf, Louder than a Bomb poetry, Girls’ Circle, spirituality group, and a consolidated youth advisory board


  • Over 2,000 youth participants since 1985
  • 350+ youth participate in the program today due to significant growth in recent years
    • 40 daily, including afternoon and evening programs and weekend trips
    • 125 weekly
    • 200 monthly
  • 34 Camden public, charter, technical and suburban schools are represented by LUCY youth
    • 24 are public schools (public, charter, and tech) and 10 are private schools.
  • 75% are from households where one or both parents are absent


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