Dear friend,

My name is Lisa and I’m a 15-year-old sophomore in high school. I was raised in Camden my entire life and am the oldest of 3 siblings. T is 7, G is 8 and D is 13 going on 25 (literally). My parents are immigrants from Vietnam, and both work in a factory all day and all night. As the oldest of four children, they have always reminded me to work hard and achieve great things, as well as to stay focused so that I can achieve the life that they sacrificed so much for me to have.

I know that education and getting into college is the key to my future, and if I work hard I know that I can get my dream job one day. My work ethic is on a different level than most kids my age. I am competitive when it comes to school, and take all Honors classes and the only AP class offered to my grade. I can honestly say that I have yet to be challenged in the classroom, but am nervous for what junior year might bring.

Although I am proud to be from Camden, there have been challenges growing up in this city. It’s very frustrating living in a city that has such a negative reputation. I say where I’m from and people automatically judge me or have an opinion about my city and my home. That’s really hard to deal with. There are so many great things about Camden that outsiders don’t see or understand. We have so many incredible people living in the community who are also here to lend a helping hand and look out for you and your family. And when it comes to family, my LUCY family is in Camden. They are truly my second family, and make everyone feel so comfortable and welcome, always with open arms.

My goal is to be successful one day, and to give back to others and my city as much as possible. I want to have a job that I love, and be surrounded by people that love and support me.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I appreciate it.



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