The Funmi Jegede Scholarship

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One winter day, as my mom, dad, sister and I were walking out of my sister’s dorm at Columbia in New York City, my mother noticed a homeless man sleeping on the street on top of a steam grate. We all saw him and were about to walk past when my mother stopped us and gave me 10 dollars to give to him. Initially I hesitated and said, “he’s sleeping I don’t want to wake him up”, but she countered, “Well then put it in his pocket.” (If you are familiar with any Nigerian parent, you know there is no talking back, let alone, questioning an elder. I was bold to even question her the first time. There was no way I was gong to question her again). So I walked over and did just that.

I mention this story because it has had such a lasting impact on me and demonstrates how she felt about helping others. She couldn’t walk past something she thought was wrong, sad, unfair, etc… Even most who we would consider generous would still walk past that guy, because his sleeping was a convenient excuse not to give him some change. I consider myself generous but even at that time, I still tried to keep going past him. Obviously that day changed the way I look at things of that nature. This memory exemplifies the qualities of my mom who passed away in the spring of 2012.

It’s just how my mother, Funmi Jegede, was wired. She donated money and time, here and abroad, to help those in need as often as she could. Additionally she was a mentor in both an official capacity and informally to many students and youth. As a huge proponent of education, she also sponsored many children to help them gain an education and our family would like to continue that tradition. Given her dedication to the cause of education for all children, it is only fitting to have a scholarship in her name. The “Funmi Jegede Scholarship” will be awarded to a deserving student who has shown potential and the willingness to learn at the next level, specifically in college; and also has demonstrated the ability to serve others. This is something I know she would appreciate as helping people was one of her many passions.

 – Deji Jegede

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The Msgr. Robert McDermott College Scholarship Fund

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Heart of a pastor, mind of a businessman
LUCY cannot celebrate our 30 years of success without recognizing the visionary behind all that we’ve accomplished. Fr. Bob always put youth and families first and started this program for St. Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral and East Camden teens in 1985. LUCY wouldn’t be where it is today without his invaluable wisdom, ideas, encouragement, love, and support. He’s always talked about having formed a “‘covenant’ to invite children, their families, the homeless, the needy, youth in need of guidance, and young adults seeking inspiration to experience the fullness of blessings in life: to find success, to have hope.” We’re proud to say that LUCY fosters hope and success in our youth each and every day due to the example, hard work, and perseverance of Fr. Bob.

Fr. Bob hired our Executive Director, Kristin Prinn, 8 years ago as the parish youth minister and though LUCY has evolved beyond that point, we can never forget where our roots and consistent support have come from over the years. Though Fr. Bob has left his active service at St. Joe’s, we have no doubt that his presence will continue to be felt here at LUCY for many years to come. In this spirit and in honor of his vision for Camden’s youth, we started a college scholarship fund to help our teens succeed beyond high school and develop into compassionate and socially responsible adults who make a positive difference in their community and the world. We love you, Fr. Bob, and wish you the very best on your life’s journey.

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