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Fabian Banks

Afterschool Worker

Fabian is a recent Rutgers-Camden graduate with a bachelor’s degree in film. He was born and raised in Camden for most of his life and has spent his entire academic life learning about the media industry and the technical aspects of media production. He is a former LUCY youth member and Is now LUCY’s newest staff member. He looks forward to being a positive role model for many of the youth and works towards being someone they are comfortable communicating with. He focuses on using his media and photography/cinematography knowledge to teach and show the youth a new way to express themselves artistically. Overall, Fabian is working towards his goal of positive self-improvement and the overall connection he has with his community and making it a place where all youth can have a chance to be given the same opportunities he was given at a young age and help them gain not only success but an overall high level of self-worth.

Kristin Prinn, MSW, LCSW

Kristin Prinn, MSW, LCSW (She/Her)

Executive Director & Founder
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Sue Liu, MA, MPA

Sue Liu, MA, MPA (She/Her)

Director of Finance & Operations
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Kate King

Kate King (She/Her)

Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator
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Giang Nguyen

Giang Nguyen (He/Him)

Financial & Operations Analyst
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Kytara Long

Kytara Long (She/Her)

Youth Night Coordinator
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Marlen Medina

Marlen Medina (She/her)

Director of Afterschool Services
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Brenda Figueroa

Brenda Figueroa (She/Her)

Middles Afterschool Coordinator
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Kristal Rivera

Kristal Rivera (She/Her)

Afterschool Worker
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Jose Ravelo

Jose Ravelo (He/Him)

Youth Night Team Lead & Afterschool Worker
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Daniel Nikiforov

Daniel Nikiforov (He/Him)

Afterschool Worker
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